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Arma 3 Patch 1.84





  • Added: USS Liberty (Destroyer)*
  • Added: MK45 Hammer Naval Gun*
  • Added: MK41 VLS (Missile System)*
  • Added: Venator Cruise Missile*
  • Added: Boat Rack*
  • Added: Briefing Room Screen*
  • Added: Briefing Room Desk*
  • Added: R-750 Cronus Radar*
  • Added: AN/MPQ-105 Radar*
  • Added: S-750 Rhea SAM System*
  • Added: MIM-145 Defender SAM System*
  • Added: AGM-88C HARM Anti-Radiation Missile*
  • Added: KH58 Anti-Radiation Missile*
  • Added: Small Diameter Bomb (SDB)*

* Free Jets DLC bonus content for all Arma 3 players

  • Added: Camo selection to Tank Coverall
  • Added: Terrain awareness (TAWS-like) color-coded navigation panels to all vanilla aerial vehicles
  • Added: A "Breakwater" user animation to Gorgon
  • Added: A small aiming dot on the AH-9's front windshield
  • Added: A new respawn template where tickets can be decreased either on player death or on player spawn
  • Added: Lock-on after launch / "Maddog" capability for the radar-guided (AMRAAM, R77, MIM-145, S-750) and anti-radiation (AGM-88, KH58) missiles
  • Added: An ability to export editor scenarios to SQF script. Calling such script will dynamically recreate the scenario (known issues: waypoints cannot be attached to objects / position randomization of objects by connecting them to markers doesn't seem to work correctly).
  • Added: A new RscControlsTable base class
  • Added: Front lights for the pilots of the WY-55 Hellcat
  • Tweaked: A new look of the AAN overlay to match the campaign videos
  • Tweaked: Vehicle threat and cost values were adjusted (AI target prioritization)
  • Tweaked: The commander display in Mora would show the azimuth of the gunner instead of the commander
  • Tweaked: Elevation text was changed to Lased Distance for the Slammer and Slammer UP MBTs
  • Tweaked: Magazines can now be hidden in Virtual Arsenal by setting their scope to 1
  • Tweaked: In Virtual Arsenal, launcher accessories are no longer attached to the primary weapon if they fit there too
  • Tweaked: Zamak trucks should now all have the same radius for accessing the inventory (2.5 meters)
  • Tweaked: Added featureType=2 to several large structures that used the 'old' featureSize parameter before
  • Tweaked: Slightly increased the splash damage radius of HEAT munitions
  • Tweaked: AI will now stick more to the right side on roads
  • Tweaked: AI may drive a tiny bit smoother when crossing bridges
  • Tweaked: It's now possible to attach things to a drawer of the Office Table via the attachTo command and they will move along with it
  • Tweaked: The "ELEVATION" text was changed to "LASED DIST" in the Kuma, Panther, Bobcat, Cheetah and Scorcher vehicles
  • Tweaked: Ifrit & Strider durability against 7.62 mm small arms (
  • Tweaked: The appearance and behavior of chemlights on sloped terrains were improved (
  • Tweaked: Radar-guided missiles are now slightly less immune against countermeasures
  • Tweaked: Info Panel actions were removed from the action menu
  • Tweaked: Improved predictability of HEAT penetration damage
  • Tweaked: ATGM LG, FireFist and SAAMI missiles now have properly working flame and fin animations
  • Tweaked: Aeroport de Tanoa (main) and Saint-George Airstrip approaches and departures are now both seawards
  • Tweaked: Returned the laser spot tracker to the Rhino so it doesn't have to rely on Data Link only (
  • Tweaked: Visuals of missile flames were improved
  • Tweaked: Van door actions were adjusted so it's now possible to use them also when remotely controlling a unit (i.e. via Zeus)
  • Tweaked: Minor increase of 105mm HEAT splash damage
  • Tweaked: IR masking tents' behavior was improved
  • Tweaked: Remote designators now transmit their laser target coordinates via Data Link
  • Tweaked: Medal times for Tanks Trials TT16 / TT17 / TT18
  • Tweaked: Penetration materials of the industrial shed were adjusted
  • Tweaked: The MFD damage indicator in the cockpit of the Shikra airplane is now working correctly
  • Tweaked: Lowered priority of the "Unload Incapacitated" action
  • Tweaked: The opened message box is now stored in the uiNamespace under the "openedMsgBox" variable
  • Tweaked: AI will now fire vehicle-mounted SPG and Vorona with appropriate delays between individual shots
  • Tweaked: Improved config inheritance of default environment spatial sounds (Tanoa / Malden)
  • Tweaked: AK-12 hand animations were improved
  • Tweaked: Detection ranges against terrain background of vanilla ground-based radars were adjusted
  • Tweaked: The fuel capacities for Sentinel UAV, Falcon UAV, and Caesar plane were adjusted
  • Tweaked: The fuel capacity for the SDV was increased
  • Tweaked: AI on some sensor-equipped ground vehicles and aircraft should better utilize target info from sensors
  • Tweaked: AI controlling SAM sites, CIWS and launch systems will now track targets faster
  • Fixed: Incorrect sound when firing from the AT variant of the Offroad
  • Fixed: Some voice over lines were not playing correctly
  • Fixed: RPT file errors related to FFV turrets and their (duplicated) hitpoints
  • Fixed: BIS_fnc_arrayShuffle was not giving balanced results
  • Fixed: Hand grenades were using an incorrect LOD when thrown
  • Fixed: Typo in ShotgunBase hit effects causing RPT errors for community addons
  • Fixed: Some vehicles (Zamak, Van and HEMTT) were clipping when being unloaded from the Blackfish VTOL
  • Fixed: Mechanized compositions used an obsolete version of the Marid APC (
  • Fixed: The turret of the Marid APC was missing its damaged texture when damaged
  • Fixed: The commander display in Mora now says "COAX" instead of "AA MISL" (
  • Fixed: Commander Picture-in-Picture feeds would not show Elevation values
  • Fixed: Camo selections for the armed MB 4WD were not working correctly (
  • Fixed: The PM 9mm sidearm would be created with an incorrect magazine in the Editor (
  • Fixed: AI soldiers would not engage previously incapacitated hostile units after they revived / respawned
  • Fixed: The T-140 MFD ammo indicator had swapped HE & HEAT indicators (
  • Fixed: Assassins Helmet chin strap selection (
  • Fixed: Display name of the Sharur ATGM in the To-199 MFD (
  • Fixed: Inconsistent missile sounds after the introduction of missile fire modes
  • Fixed: Vehicle Titan AT missile fins were not fully extended in some cases
  • Fixed: CSAT SF Rifleman (AT) icon was missing (
  • Fixed: AI in Nyx spammed missiles too fast
  • Fixed: Offroad's external view offset was incorrect
  • Fixed: The rear mirrors of the Tempest Repair truck were not working correctly (
  • Fixed: An incorrect texture was assigned to the Tank Coveralls
  • Fixed: The Placeables VR Training would not finish properly due to a tank not running over a mine in some cases
  • Fixed: The Vorona missile had incorrect transparency when AO was enabled
  • Fixed: The Titan on Prowler (AT) was not able to lock targets over nearby barriers
  • Fixed: The format of ordinal numbers in Russian was incorrect
  • Fixed: The A-143 Buzzard model was missing parts behind the cockpit (
  • Fixed: PCML penetrator submunition wasn't always reliably triggered in the direct mode
  • Fixed: It's no longer possible to add a link to custom code to the text of diary and task modules in Zeus (the resulting entry will be replaced by an empty string)
  • Fixed: RPT file error connected to the SPG-9
  • Fixed: The IDAP skin for Zamak Water Truck was not localized properly
  • Fixed: The Car-95 GL reload sound was incorrect (
  • Fixed: There were some rogue components in the AH-9 PhysX LOD
  • Fixed: Camo selections in the pilot & cargo LODs of the unarmed Hellcat were incorrect (
  • Fixed: Incorrect camo selection in the 2nd resolution LOD of Zamak MRL
  • Fixed: AI didn't want to use SPG against nearby targets
  • Fixed: Vanilla transport helicopters should no longer do dive attacks
  • Fixed: The collision lights action for the pilots of the WY-55 Hellcat was missing
  • Fixed: A leg of the T-100 driver was clipping (

Eden Editor

  • Added: Weapon tooltips in vehicle Dynamic Loadouts settings in Eden Editor
  • Added: Eden Editor attributes for door & solar panel hiding to Medical Tent
  • Fixed: The Object Inventory cargo attribute was saved even when nothing changed after opening and confirming the attribute window
  • Fixed: Editor previews for Tanks DLC dirt patches were missing
  • Fixed: Tank Engine (Used) had an incorrect Editor preview picture


  • Added: Vanguard is now marked as official MP mode (also featured in the Quick Play menu)
  • Tweaked: Server lobby parameters localization was improved

Tac-Ops Mission Pack (potential spoilers)

  • Tweaked: The truck route at the beginning of the LZ Nowhere scenario of the Steel Pegasus operation was optimized
  • Tweaked: Waiting time of one of the Gorgon APCs at the start of the Avenging Furies scenario of the Beyond Hope operation
  • Fixed: An Offroad had disappeared in the Avenging Furies scenario of the Beyond Hope operation
  • Fixed: Incorrect scenario dates in the Stepping Stone operation
  • Fixed: A friendly Gorgon APC could get stuck when trying to get to the defensive position in the Avenging Furies scenario of the Beyond Hope operation
  • Fixed: One of the friendly Gorgon APCs could get destroyed by a Strider MRAP explosion in the Avenging Furies scenario of the Beyond Hope operation
  • Fixed: Inaccurate CAS in the Fait Accompli scenario of the Stepping Stone operation
  • Fixed: Players could be forced out of the APC at the start of the Avenging Furies scenario of the Beyond Hope operation
  • Fixed: Lines for switching seats were not voiced in the Avenging Furies scenario of the Beyond Hope operation
  • Fixed: It was possible to kill Lt. James in the Avenging Furies scenario of the Beyond Hope operation
  • Fixed: Script error during the Disintegration Point scenario of the Stepping Stone operation
  • Fixed: It was possible to kill AI teammates in the Avenging Furies scenario of the Beyond Hope operation
  • Fixed: The convoy area was not considered secured if Hoplite squad got lost on the way in the Avenging Furies scenario of the Beyond Hope operation
  • Fixed: A retreat task was incorrectly assigned after Houdan was seized, in case that some armored vehicles were destroyed in the Disintegration Point of the Stepping Stone scenario

Showcases (potential spoilers)

  • Tweaked: Showcase Jets will no longer fail after 1 minute of not getting the helmet
  • Tweaked: Enemy artillery (including ammo trucks) is now visible on radar (their engines remain started) in Showcase Gunships
  • Tweaked: Data Link is now used in Showcase Gunships to make revealing enemy vehicles easier
  • Tweaked: Asset compositions of Showcases NATO and CSAT were updated
  • Tweaked: Difficulty and behavior of CSAT tanks were improved in Showcase Armed Assault
  • Tweaked: Minor changes to compositions in Showcase Armed Assault
  • Tweaked: Behavior of the CSAT tanks in Showcase Armed Assault
  • Tweaked: Darter UAVs on the table in Showcases NATO, CSAT, and AAF are no longer connectable in any way
  • Fixed: There were some barriers missing in Showcase Armed Assault
  • Fixed: The Orca helicopters at the start of Showcase Helicopters could crash in some cases
  • Fixed: The Buzzard airplane would crash in some cases in Showcase AAF
  • Fixed: The Buzzard airplane in Showcase AAF would fly away and never come back in some cases

The East Wind (potential spoilers)

  • Tweaked: The final combat of the Resurgent West scenario was rebalanced
  • Tweaked: Difficulty across several scenarios was rebalanced to reflect the past many updates
  • Tweaked: The final combat of the Preventive Diplomacy scenario was rebalanced
  • Tweaked: Several campaign HUBs (Gori, Topolia, Bomos) were improved (Simple Object integration, glitches in placement, performance, etc.)
  • Tweaked: Compositions improved in the Situation Normal scenario
  • Tweaked: Fog density in the Paradise Found scenario was lowered
  • Tweaked: More AT ammo provided for the defensive segment of the Resurgent West scenario
  • Fixed: Progress of the Moral Fiber scenario could get stuck due to incorrect assigning of group leadership
  • Fixed: Incorrect passenger position of Kerry in the HEMTT Truck in the Air Superiority scenario
  • Fixed: Missing jets at the end of the Tipping Point scenario

Apex Protocol (potential spoilers)

  • Tweaked: The number of tickets now corresponds with the number of available respawns (ticket is removed upon spawn, not upon death)
  • Fixed: Incapacitated players now resurrect after the first live feed video ends in the Heart of Darkness scenario
  • Fixed: There would be some objects left levitating after destroying a few ammo boxes in the Heart of Darkness scenario
  • Fixed: Subtitles were overlapped by the video layer in case a player Joined-in-Progress to a running scenario
  • Fixed: Some links to markers in the Keystone scenario were not working




  • Added: A new "UImodel" parameter for compass and watch items that will replace the models in the UI / Map
  • Added: New ctrlAnimateModel and ctrlAnimationPhaseModel script commands
  • Added: A new "deleteIfEmpty" magazine parameter (-1 will remove the magazine from the weapon when it is empty and maxAmmo is set to 1 - old & default behavior; 0 means that the magazine is never removed; 1 will always remove the magazine when empty)
  • Added: A new "activeSensorAlwaysOn" ammo parameter
  • Added: A new "takeOffReversed" airport parameter changing the direction of taking off from an airport
  • Added: New animation source "inWater" for all vehicles
  • Added: New model property "cratercolor" (example: cratercolor=deadff00 format: AABBGGRR)
  • Added: New calculatePlayerVisibilityByFriendly and getCalculatePlayerVisibilityByFriendly script commands
  • Tweaked: The "hitpoint" parameter in vehicle optics now works even for drivers
  • Tweaked: The "maxHoldsterValue" animation source now works on vehicles with Dynamic Loadouts, but only for non-pylon weapons (e.g. the HMG)
  • Tweaked: Interaction with inventories of dead characters was improved
  • Tweaked: Negative "minimalHit" in a hitpoint works as a flat damage reduction now
  • Tweaked: AI is no longer able to see or shoot through fallen trees (
  • Tweaked: The fire & view geometries are now enabled for fallen walls
  • Tweaked: Air-to-surface missiles with LoalDistance flight profile will now get lost when fired above the horizon
  • Tweaked: When locking after launch the autoseeking missiles will no longer home in on targets that are hidden behind a terrain feature
  • Tweaked: The next target action no longer skips targets if the missile has manual control or autoseek enabled
  • Tweaked: Grass is no longer obstructing missile locking

Eden Editor

  • Fixed: Incorrect returned values when a group (get3DENAttribute) or waypoint (get3DENEntityID) is in a layer
  • Fixed: Loading a scenario in Eden Editor could misalign vehicles loaded in other vehicles
  • Fixed: Vehicle crew was misplaced in Eden Editor preview after a recent fix



  • Updated: Stand-alone Windows Dedicated Server (1.84)
  • Updated: Stand-alone Linux Dedicated Server (1.84)
    • Known issue: Steam client modifies the steam_appid.txt file incorrectly. In case of issues, verify its content is: 107410
    • Known issue: Sometimes the add-ons are loaded from the wrong installation (e.g. main game)
    • Try adding -mod=curator;kart;heli;mark;expansion;jets;argo;orange;tacops;tank;dlcbundle;dlcbundle2 to your arma3server.exe shortcut


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