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Arma 3 Patch 1.96



  • Added: This is War 6th Anniversary Remix music track into the game and Digital Deluxe Edition
  • Added: Localized Livonia PDF topographic maps to the Digital Deluxe Edition
  • Added: Very limited platform functionality for the vanilla Spectrum Device (documentation forthcoming)
  • Added: Missing private keywords to BIS_fnc_3DENInterface (General Discussion - Dev-Branch)
  • Added: DLC parameter to configs of Tractor, Offroad (Covered) & Mini UGV - FT-T143422
  • Added: A new (5th) Utility for searching and listing of available script commands
  • Added: Support for an object's group for BIS_fnc_hasItem (the item will be searched in the inventory of all members of the group if a group is passed as parameter)
  • Added: A new optional parameter to specify BIS_fnc_drawArrow's base width
  • Tweaked: Alien Entity behavior routines
  • Tweaked: Livonia bushes' resistance against armored vehicles
  • Tweaked: Reduced armed Striders' secondary ammo explosions
  • Tweaked: Portable weather station wind indicator rotation direction
  • Tweaked: Adjusted MAAWS position on characters' backs in order to fix clipping with some scopes in certain stances - FT-T143005
  • Tweaked: Body trail effect of some jets
  • Tweaked: Small LDF loadout adjustments
  • Tweaked: The Print Config Utility will now show a selection dialog on multiple matches instead of auto-selecting the first match
  • Tweaked: Chemical Detector digit display precision
  • Changed: Moved Contact animations to the platform
  • Changed: Moved Contact music to the platform
  • Changed: Moved Contact hand-drawn map markers to the platform
  • Changed: Moved Contact hand-drawn font to the platform
  • Changed: Made the Chemical Detector part of the platform*
  • Changed: Made the Spectrum Device part of the platform*
  • Changed: Moved APR and Blindfold overlays to the platform
  • Changed: Livonia prop addons were decrypted to PBO
  • Fixed: The Contact Welcome Screen counter was not working correctly in Contact mode
  • Fixed: Missing aircraft wing vortices - FT-T142848
  • Fixed: A typo in the LDF Mk6 mortar backpack led to the creation of the wrong weapon when assembling it - FT-T142948
  • Fixed: The sidearm proxy on Heli Coveralls [LDF] in 3rd person view
  • Fixed: Footstep sounds of timber piles
  • Fixed: The Skate Helmet was missing NOHQ and SMDI maps in-game
  • Fixed: Missing attachments in Arsenal after loading a save
  • Fixed: Profile voices 09-12 were not working correctly - FT-T143719
  • Fixed: Flickering face on the back of the Tractor
  • Fixed: Offroad dashboard artifacts when HBAO was turned on
  • Fixed: Shading artifacts on leaflets
  • Fixed: Aileron movement for A-164 and MQ-4
  • Fixed: The "InBaseMoves_assemblingVehicleErc" animation had small movement defined which caused the character to move away from the original position when used in a loop
  • Fixed: AAF and CSAT ghillie injury materials - FT-T137525
  • Fixed: Eye flares popping up a low resolution texture upon first load
  • Fixed: The death screen is now showing a vehicle and its weapon in case an enemy was operating a vehicle
  • Fixed: The position of subtitles changed when using the optics mode of the Spectrum Device Jammer antenna even when it was not needed
  • Fixed: Katiba GL muzzle flash in 3rd person view - FT-T144083
  • Fixed: Various object position issues on Livonia
  • Fixed: Many translation / localization issues
  • Fixed: Missing Contact music track durations added and incorrect durations were tweaked
  • Removed: Get in actions for empty drones (UGV / UAV / Autonomous Static Turrets / SAM Sites, etc.) - FT-T142713

* Note: this gear is primarily cosmetic; limited features are only available in the context of Contact's campaign and gameplay.


Potential Spoilers ("First Contact")

  • Added: Missing TI to the Alien Network's legs and core, and fixed other graphical artifacts
  • Added: Missing Post Process effects in Going Dark and Close Encounters
  • Added: Pistols to Krupin and Severov for that added Spetsnaz cool-factor in Carpe Noctem
  • Added: An extra check to ensure dialogue is playing in the right order when the alien arrives at the radio tower in Carpe Noctem
  • Tweaked: Raised an ammunition cover to avoid clipping in Anomalous Phenomena's hub
  • Tweaked: Reduced the time between untying Kesson and taking his blindfold off in Anomalous Phenomena
  • Tweaked: Made a slight adjustment to conversation sync, when Major Homewood complains about the sudden change of weather in False Negative
  • Tweaked: The road block composition has been adjusted in Going Dark
  • Tweaked: Anomalous Phenomena / Carpe Noctem - Parked and abandoned vehicles now have disabled electronics (some also will no longer start)
  • Tweaked: Alien Entity will now also engage vehicles
  • Fixed: The Alien Entity waypoint was not working if the initial movement grid was not initialized
  • Fixed: The Alien Entity was scanning its own (matter) balls on some occasions
  • Fixed: An exception case during the Mini UGV system check, where the player may have the arm already raised, is now handled in Close Encounters
  • Fixed: Several conversations in Close Encounters are now terminated when a task is completed prematurely
  • Fixed: The sampling anomaly task area in Close Encounters was a small distance from the main group of anomalies
  • Fixed: The sound effects on the Mini UGV disconnect were a second or two out of sync in Close Encounters
  • Fixed: The laptop now shows a black screen after the Mini UGV disconnect in Close Encounters
  • Fixed: There were some missing static sound effects during the Mini UGV disconnect in Close Encounters
  • Fixed: Cpt. Spender's remark about the lights flashing in the first contact scene came a few seconds too early in Close Encounters
  • Fixed: Going Dark will now fail if the player tries to reach the sinkhole black site too early
  • Fixed: LDF troops will now run, instead of walk, to investigate Cpl. Stype's distraction at the burn pit in Going Dark
  • Fixed: The AFO could be seen with binoculars at certain points in Going Dark, before the final scene
  • Fixed: Added additional fail safes for the blue-on-blue event, preventing laser guidance from the player's rangefinder in False Negative
  • Fixed: Exception dialogue from Squad Leader is now dependent on his line of sight towards the player in False Negative
  • Fixed: Matter balls had no TI when being carried by the Alien Entity
  • Fixed: Alien Entity 'lights' were not glowing in TI
  • Fixed: Some Alien Network's inner parts were not visible in TI in some LODs
  • Fixed: Various smaller issues in Anomalous Phenomena and Carpe Noctem
  • Removed: Disruptive save game during a blackout at the end of Carpe Noctem



  • Tweaked: The default lobbyIdleTimeout was increased to 300 seconds
  • Tweaked: Default values for timeout were changed to: votingTimeOut=10 mins, roleTimeOut=15 mins, briefingTimeOut=10 mins, debriefingTimeOut=10 mins, lobbyIdleTimeout=25 mins
  • Tweaked: Improved performance of toString
  • Tweaked: Enabled the waitUntil return value warning instead of break as default
  • Changed: createDiaryRecord now accepts additional parameter showTitle, which can hide the typical Date, Time of entry format title
  • Fixed: DSCheckSignature did not always work correctly with v3 signatures
  • Fixed: The RVExtensionVersion function definition not matching the Windows one (the "int outputSize" function arg was missing)
  • Fixed: The PathCalculated Event Handler would fill each path node with [X, Z, Z] instead of [X, Z, Y]
  • Fixed: The array version of the callExtension script command did not check if the function name argument is a string
  • Fixed: Random shadow artifacts when drawing roads in the map
  • Fixed: The set command would allow creation of arrays with an over-the-limit size
  • Fixed: append would not check for infinite recursion when adding an array to another array
  • Fixed: Incorrect color of thermal modes if the first optic mode was day light only and the second one was GHOT for example
  • Fixed: UAVControl would return either the driver or the gunner but never both
  • Fixed: Server did not restart with missionsToServerRestart set
  • Fixed: #monitor and #monitorDS were showing wrong memory usage
  • Fixed: #monitor and #monitorDS were not transferred after server restart
  • Fixed: Passing controlNull to tvExpandAll caused a CTD
  • Fixed: tvDelete returned "" when it should return nothing when the control is null
  • Fixed: tvSort and tvSortByValue would fail if an optional parameter was not passed to the command
  • Fixed: Deleted EH would trigger when a unit enters a vehicle
  • Fixed: currentMuzzle and currentWeaponMode could return a number instead of a string
  • Fixed: Compartments lights were drawing light flares in certain situations
  • Fixed: The FOV of all vehicles would change when the player FOV changed
  • Fixed: A potential Backpack inventory glitch
  • Fixed: An issue where "-name=aaa bbb" would create a profile folder "aaa bbb" instead of just aaa bbb (without quotes)
  • Fixed: Script file paths were trimmed too aggressively in error messages
  • Fixed: Return value of attachedTo if the command was used on objNull
  • Fixed: Memory alignment issues




  • Updated: Stand-alone Windows Dedicated Server (1.96)
  • Updated: Stand-alone Linux Dedicated Server (1.96)
    • The data in -mod=contact is not fully multiplayer compatible (it is meant for the singleplayer campaign experience); we recommend only hosting servers with it for special use cases
      • This data is signed by a new A3C key whose presence can be used to control what client data is allowed on the server
  • Known issue: Steam client modifies the steam_appid.txt file incorrectly. In case of issues, verify its content is: 107410
  • Known issue: Sometimes the add-ons are loaded from the wrong installation (e.g. main game)
  • Try adding -mod=curator;kart;heli;mark;expansion;jets;argo;orange;tacops;tank;enoch to your arma3server.exe shortcut


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