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Arma 3 Patch 0.72


  • Added: Ability to set starting time of Defend Kamino (MP)
  • Firing Drills: Automatic reload and resupply added upon restart (for lazy Mr. Endstar)
  • Firing Drills: Now using symbology on selector targets
  • Firing Drills: Ability to immediately quit at the end of CoFs added
  • Firing Drills: CoF Green - updated to reflect changed magazines for sidearm
  • Firing Drills: Times of day tweaked to match new Stratis configuration
  • Firing Drills: Use of color was inconsistent for non-medal times
  • Firing Drills: Restarting within a CP would leave the IGUI element active
  • Firing Drills: Medal icon sometimes shown using Training rules
  • Firing Drills: Added audio cue when going over the next medal time
  • Firing Drills: Conversations all switched to radio again
  • Showcase time of day tweaks to match Stratis sunrise configuration
  • Showcase SCUBA now uses Titan launchers instead of RPG-42
  • "Interface Layout" configuration tool added to Game Options
  • Added: More heads to select from in user profile
  • Interface clock control replaced with an improved version in map, editor, briefings and tasks
  • AI icons in role assignment screen are not deformed anymore<
  • Fixed: Cargo cannot take control from commander
  • Gunner and driver of class "Car" and its children now use optics to detect targets
  • Tweaked collision damage to vehicles. They now should be a bit more resistant, mostly at lower speeds.
  • Tweaking of wheels and suspension of both APCs (floating in air)
  • Adjusted agility of helicopters
  • Added parachutes to light helicopters
  • Passengers of all helicopters are now able to eject and paradrop
  • Added cargo parachutes for supports
  • Fixed: It is no longer possible to get directly from flatbed / cargo space to cabin of Trucks and vice versa
  • Adjusted radius of Zamak's destroyed wheels
  • Zamak now has the correct wheels destroyed (by shooting)
  • Doors of Mi-48 are closed by default now
  • Fixed getting in UH-80 as pilot for more players simultaneously
  • Gunners of UH-80 should be able to switch seats
  • Added day camouflage variant of Ghost Hawk
  • Weapons of CH-49 cargo no longer stick out of the roof
  • Tweaked hit points of the CH-49 Mohawk
  • Disabled levitation of the Strider's wheels
  • Fixed glass on doors of Ifrit
  • Green faction assault boat has its own texture
  • Green faction has its SDV now
  • Marid's crew should now abandon vehicle when all steerable wheels are gone
  • Fixed: Marid should have correct names of weapons
  • Fixed: Path to sounds of Speedboat
  • Speedboat's water friction has been tweaked
  • Engines of armed Strider hit points now have correct names
  • Fixed: AMV map icon was too small
  • Fixed: HEMTT exhaust right next to passenger head
  • HEMTT now has correct destruction of cargo part
  • Fixed: HEMTT windshield destruction
  • Fixed: HEMTT various descruction issues
  • Adjusted AH-9 missile burst for AI
  • Basic collimator optics should have the same zeroing
  • Iron sights of SOS optics now have correct zeroing
  • Tweaked basic setting of the direction of grenade throws
  • Fire mode switches are now animated for most weapons
  • GM6 rate of fire has been adjusted
  • Katiba variants are back
  • Flares light intensity tweaked
  • Changed magazine for Green faction pistol in equipment
  • Aiming of the ACP-C2 has been adjusted
  • ACP-C2 uses .45 magazines
  • Fixed: ACP-C2 and Vermin should have sound suppressors for .45 ACP ammo (class muzzle_snds_acp)
  • Improved ASRAAM behavior
  • Tweaked recoils for Scorpion and Vermin
  • Fixed: OPFOR Recon should have their weapons back
  • Fixed: Tweaked dispersion of mortar shells
  • Fixed: PCML and RPG-42 use unguided missiles
  • Careless AI are no longer stuck in prone after crawling under an obstacle
  • Parachuting soldiers are not sad anymore (death pose removed)
  • Adjusted vulnerability of character heads
  • OPFOR helmet heads-up displays retracted
  • OPFOR recon units inventory loadouts changed to match their BLUFOR recon counterparts
  • Weight and capacity of all uniforms, vests and bags overhauled into one logical, balanced and gradually scaling norm, where bags of the same type and / or purpose should share corresponding values with minor side unique differences.
  • Fixed: OPFOR Recon inventory loadout
  • Adjusted Stratis' world coordinates (affects time of day effects)
  • Fixed: No units on certain Sites
  • Animal Sites enabled
  • Animal Sites generation reworked into a function
  • Animal Sites  MP support added
  • Changed: Minefield Site now rotates all mines in the direction of the Site module
  • Fixed: Support type no longer available without any usable providers (Supports module)
  • Fixed: Script error messages caused by Supports module (
  • Added: Dialog for custom init code for virtual providers in Supports module
  • Added: Dialog for custom supply crate init code for supply drop in Supports module
  • Added: Custom HQ parameter for Support Requester module
  • Added: HQ now informs you if you have new supports available (when using the Supports module). You can disable these reports by using BIS_SUPP_reportNewSupports = false;
  • Added: "Create diary record" module now allows adding a briefing entry to sides of synchronized units and to all playable units (the same options as "Create task" module have). This should simplify MP mission configuration.
  • Added: Module for setting a group callsign, can be found in "Group Modifiers" category.
  • Fixed: Units created BIS_fnc_spawnGroup were in the wrong order and of incorrect ranks.
  • Added: "Headquarters" module, assigning HQ speaker with specific callsign for the given side.
  • Added: Scripted event handler "ticketsExhausted" is now called when number of respawn tickets reaches 0.
  • Fixed: Error messages when placing certain modules without input parameters
  • Suffocating PP effects disabled for animals
  • Fixed: Error in BIS_fnc_arrayShift (
  • BIS_fnc_endMission is now terminated when trying to trigger a good ending over a bad one
  • Apart from "Synchronized Units" and "Groups of synchronize units", the "Create Task" module now offers new options - "Sides of synchronized units" and "All playable units"
  • Entering Splendid Camera while in vehicle optics resulted in NVG / TI modes being black
  • Removed: Ambient Combat module. It was a simple port from Arma 2 and it wasn't maintained anymore.
  • Fix: respawnDelay entry was ignored when defined as a string, not as a number
  • No more infinite clicking if space is held to skip titlecards or establishing shots
  • No longer possible to press buttons other than Space and Esc while titlecards or establishing shots are playing
  • Added: Respawn templates expanded by ability to define side specific templates using new description.ext params: respawnTemplatesWest, respawnTemplatesEast, respawnTemplatesGuer and respawnTemplatesCiv. When not found for player's side, existing respawnTemplates param is used instead.
  • Added: In CfgFunctions, 'forced' entry allowed designer to execute a function on mission start, before units are initialized. The entry is now renamed to 'preInit', and new entry 'postInit' provides option to execute the function right after objects were initialized.
  • Config definition parameter (_this select 7) in advanced hint function removed. No need for it anymore, function checks all config files now.
  • Notifications now support independent definition of picture color and picture text color
  • Introduced several variants (5 up from 1) of glass shard effects for destructible glass based on size and shape of windows
  • Fixed: Selections of windows on airport control tower 
  • Fixed: Missing radio protocol sentence for Helicopter Attack "chopper destroyed" event
  • Fixed: Mortar sound reload spectral edited


  • ACP-C2 now uses 9Rnd_45ACP_Mag magazine and a new muzzle_snds_acp sound suppressor
  • Vermin SMG now uses 30Rnd_45ACP_Mag_SMG_01 and 30Rnd_45ACP_Mag_SMG_01_tracer_green magazines and a new muzzle_snds_acp sound suppressor
  • Green faction has received its SDV with class I_SDV_01_F
  • Green faction has received its Supply create with class I_supplyCrate_F


  • Support for Steam friend invites / joins
  • Added: Wind synchronization in MP
  • Disabled loading screen when switching closing map
  • Switching weapon modes doesn't require two key presses when the weapon info IGUI is hidden anymore
  • AI use Thermal Imagery to detect enemy when available
  • Removed warp when reloading in 3D optics
  • Improved thread synchronization of object drawing
  • Recognition of damaged part of body has been improved
  • Fix and slight optimization of detection of Simul Weather optimization
  • Fixed: Brightness of nearby objects in the first frame after map display is closed
  • Fixed: Items disappearing during inventory operations
  • Fixed: Unable to take weapons from non-local containers 
  • Fixed: MP: Unable to throw grenades after taking vest from ground
  • Fixed: Magazine not being removed for other clients if a player loads it directly into their gun
  • Fixed: When player tries to place a vest or uniform into a backpack from the ground, target backpack will be copied and stored on the ground
  • Fixed: Headgear no longer displayed after leaving a multiplayer game
  • Fixed: Players could not access vehicles that cannot move
  • Fixed: Helicopters don't wait with another burst of CounterMeasures
  • Fixed: Helicopter collective ascent / descent rates were not consistent among devices
  • Fixed: GET IN waypoint - AI went for wrong seats in the helicopters
  • Fixed: Icons and text outside of valid area in combo boxes, added ST_NO_RECT style support
  • Fixed: Text alignment support for map icons
  • Added: Scripting commands for tree interface control
  • Fixed: Command enableEnvironment to toggle off all ambient wildlife
  • Fixed: setAmmo command description
  • Fixed: AI turn limitation while aiming

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