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Arma 3 Patch 1.10




  • Added: Campaign episode “Adapt”
    • We recommend not using active mods - or at least accept that we cannot influence their effects on the campaign.
    • Consider checking for data corruption by verifying local data in the Steam client.
  • Added: "Adapt" music
    • 4 event tracks (with variants)
    • 1 ambient track
    • 1 background track
    • 4 lead tracks (with variants)
  • Added: 2 new voices to Radio Protocol
    • 1 British English
    • 1 Altian English
  • Wy-55 Hellcat cockpit visually tweaked
  • Fixed: Distant LOD of Hellcat making it transparent
  • Added: When all sides are using respawn tickets, their numbers will be automatically shown in the debriefing
  • Fixed: Missing scrollbar in "Scenarios" and other displays
  • Properties of scrollbars are handled by CScrollBar itself now
  • Added blinkingPattern and blinkingPatternGuarantee parameters where appropriate and restructured MarkerLights config
  • Emissive materials for MarkerLights are now animated according to the lights being on or off or blinking
  • Models: reworked position lights selections
  • HMD of Hellcat has been re-centered
  • Reworked proxies of Buzzard to be useful for user armament
  • Tweaked PhysX collision damage for tanks
  • Tracks of tanks should not get damaged up to 30 KPH collisions
  • Zeroing for Kuma commander HMG
  • Configured animation sources and animations for MarkerLights on Boat_Civil_04, RoadCone and RoadBarrier
  • Fine-tuned position of various group members in editor
  • Darter doesn't have FAKs anymore (
  • Fixed: Using non-existent rank resulted in incorrect returned value (BIS_fnc_rankParams)
  • Added: When commander rank is missing, it's not displayed (BIS_fnc_ORBATGetGroupParams)
  • Fixed: Scripting error when no respawn position was found
  • Fixed: Script header of BIS_fnc_MP contained misleading description
  • BIS_fnc_playVideo: default variable for skipping videos was incorrectly set, resulting in instant termination under certain circumstances
  • Added: In module config, 'isGlobal = 2' now has the same effect as 'isPersistent = 1'. The isPersistent attribute remains supported, but is considered deprecated. See for more info.
  • New scripted geometry function added
  • Redistributed proper helmets among Grenadiers
  • Small fix of OPFOR Leader's helmet inheritance class
  • Miller now has some basic equipment when placed in the editor
  • New character heads received some polishing
  • Changed: Simulation Manager now ignores helper objects
  • Added: Poster Module
    • Removed graffiti, leaflets and posters from editor
    • Added: Variable (postersArray) with all posters in namespace of a building added
  • Fixed: Roadways of chapels and the airport tower
  • Fixed: Missing empty parameter for battlefield sounds (
  • Added non-homogenous material for radar dome
  • Configured posterSize, icons and mapSizes for graffiti
  • Fixed: Non-functional binoculars
  • Added: Black background when player is off the map
  • Increased weight of machine guns while maintaining their weight differences
  • Fixed: Localization for yellow flare and for 3rnd flare magazines
  • Fixed: Zubr .45 had stretched / misplaced textures on the cartridges (
  • Increased number of suppressors and flashlights in Support ammo boxes and Air Supply boxes
  • The material of craters has been tweaked
  • Added modest camera shaking from nearby hits for infantry weapons
  • SMGs have improved zeroing for iron sights
  • Tweak: Higher AI engagement ranges. AI snipers with GM6 should attack from greater distances.
  • Fixed: Hellcat hitpoints
  • Fixed: An issue with animations getting stuck when using a medikit with a handgun
  • Fixed: An issue with standing up when trying to strafe in fast prone
  • Added: New helmet camouflages
  • Adjusted: Carbine rifles distribution
  • Added: BIS_fnc_bleedTickets - system which will decrease amount of side respawn tickets based on sector dominance
  • Added: BIS_fnc_counter now supports multiple name spaces
  • Added: Executing call bis_fnc_respawnTickets will now return an array containing side with the lowest number of tickets and their value
  • Fixed: Glasses were not recognized correctly (
  • Added: BIS_fnc_sortAlphabetically - a function to sort an array of strings alphabetically
  • Fixed: BIS_fnc_dirTo returns negative value in some situations (
  • Added: Corresponding AA and AT static launcher backpacks for every respective faction (
  • Fixed: A typo in Industry Standard preset and cleared some redundant entries
  • Fixed: AI disembarking from WY-55 Hellcat sometimes breaks main rotor
  • Radio Protocol: preview samples used in profile editor now include all speakers for each voice type
  • Fixed: Missing classes of the Altian Radio Protocol
  • Roadways of small chapels have been tweaked
  • Added: Empty ORBAT sizes
  • Fixed: KIA cargo pose of Hellcat crew
  • Fixed: Some situations in which credits would not execute
  • Fixed: An error that appeared when changing mission parameters during hosting a multiplayer game
  • Added: colorFocused and colorBackgroundFocused parameters for setting colors of focused RscShortcutButton
  • Fixed: Support calls should now be globally limited instead of per player in Defend Kamino MP mission
  • Fixed: A flying H-barrier in the AA outpost has been grounded
  • Fixed: Bugged left sleeve of FIA soldier model
  • Added: BIS_fnc_fixDate - checks and ev. fixes the date and time, when it goes out of the boundaries
  • Added: BIS_fnc_isLeapYear - returns true if given year is leap year
  • Added: BIS_fnc_monthDays - returns number of days in given month
  • Fixed: An issue where NVGs could remain on during cutscenes
  • Fixed: CSAT Grenadier now has correct helmet
  • Tweaked: Effects of suppressors on bullets
  • Tweaked: Underwater ammo speed and damage
  • Function BIS_fnc_setToPairs now has a correct example
  • Added new functions to control the stacking of disabled save games
    • Modified BIS_fnc_cinemaBorder and BIS_fnc_quotations to support stacking of disabled save games
    • Modified all “Survive” missions to support new stacked handling of disabled saving
  • Continued work upon soldier protection:
    • Slightly decreased collateral resistance of OPFOR soldiers’ extremities
    • Decreased OPFOR advanced uniform protectiveness of extremities for it was too powerful. Still, it protects comparatively better than other uniforms.
    • Set up specific protection values for BLUFOR Helipilot and Pilot coveralls. It will not save you much more than the standard uniform, but there is a certain difference.
    • Set up proper protection values for OPFOR Officer uniform
    • Range-master belt, bandoleer and chest-rig armor values set to zero (serving as just equipment holders)
    • Tweaked helmet protection levels
    • Minor tweaks in ammunition, precise adjusting of minimalHitRange values, damage scaling rounds up, pistol ammunition damage adjustments and grenade tweaks
    • Adjusted explosives to maintain the protection of grenadier vests against explosives and grenades
    • Minor changes in soldier equipment due to changes in headgear. Purpose of classes is not affected in any meaningful manner.
    • Impacts of bullets cause soldiers to ragdoll a bit (flinch) even if they are fully absorbed by armor
    • Decreased overall helmet protection values to increase significance of head-shots and general lethality of damage to the head
    • Increased density of soldiers’ bodies to improve headshot lethality
    • Because of the previous change it was also necessary to halve the explosion shielding of head hitpoint in general to maintain helmet protection levels for collateral indirect damage and explosions
    • Fixed HE grenade from underbarrel GL weapon to match his RGO Frag grenade counterpart
    • Elevated OPFOR collateral protection for hands and legs for the previous values were not sufficient to create meaningful difference between OPFOR and soldiers of other factions
  • Mk20 rifle now has correct zeroing steps of iron sights
  • Fixed: Possible issues with cinema border function being called badly
  • Engineer should be no longer stuck after repairing a vehicle


  • Added: Initial implementation of HDAO method for ambient occlusion computation
    • Kudos to AMD engineer Layla Mah!
    • It's available only for DX11 GPUs (uses compute shaders)
    • Can be found in video options in AO settings
  • Several multiplayer optimizations
    • Optimized dynamic errors for server
    • Better load spread across several CPU cores
  • Various PhysX-related crash opportunities fixed
  • Various small fix merges from core RV engine
  • Fixed: Possible crash in Dedicated Servers
  • Removed: setAIS scripting function
  • Optimization of bleeding splatters creation
  • Optimization of footstep marks creation
  • Fixed: AI's selection of rifle and handgun
  • switchCamera command now works for external / internal camera when gunner camera is not allowed
  • Merged and used some optimization of collision detection from DayZ
  • Fixed: Crash caused by wrong vertex data in specific objects
  • Added several safety checks to prevent unnecessary AI calculations (optimization)
  • Stolen (different side) vehicle is unassigned from group - to prevent AI team members from destroying it
  • Fixed: 3rd person mortar view
  • Fixed: Artillery not shooting at given position
  • Fix for low skill AI turret gunners shooting at impossible-to-hit targets
  • Tripwire mines now work properly when put in buildings
  • Swimming soldiers stop levitating / swimming on land
  • Fixed: Creation of duplicate post process effect handles after saved game is loaded
  • No longer creating target lists for empty groups (small AI optimization)
  • Fixed: CTD caused by broken skeletons - added index check
  • Fixed: An inventory issue with backpacks in crates
  • Fixed: Spawned medikits and FAKs sometimes have zero weight
  • Simulation of dead bodies has been optimized
  • Adjusted: Dynamic Calculated Error for AI, working on turrets, reacting to loosing sight of target
  • Slight rendering optimization in stencil buffer usage
  • Fixed: Disappearing tags when publishing a mission to Steam Workshop
  • Fixed: Shadow of a proxy object when the proxy itself or the main object are not visible
  • Fixed: AI unit is no longer repeatedly swapping gunner / observer position
  • Fixed: The addItem command didn't register that a unit has magazines (
  • Fixed: Houses no longer have inventory
  • Fixed: An issue with inability to play a mission that was subscribed from in-game overlay in offline mode right after the subscription
  • Fixed: An issue where AI switched to sidearm but seemed to still be holding their primary weapon
  • Fixed: Connecting headless client to password-protected server
  • Fixed: AI avoiding dead bodies
  • Tweaked: Low-skilled AI soldiers and gunners to be minimally effective
  • Fixed: Low-skilled AI tank gunner couldn't engage targets properly
  • Hotfixed: SubSkeleton log spam
  • Added: Server option enablePlayerDiag for printing diagnostics about players and pending messages


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