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Arma 3 Patch 1.24


  • Added: Virtual Reality world
  • Added: Bootcamp "Prologue" mini-campaign
  • Added: ZGM 4+1 Bootcamp multiplayer training
  • Added: 8 VR Training lessons
    • Material Penetration
    • Placeables
    • Launchers
    • Target Designation
    • Commanding - Movement
    • Commanding - Behavior
    • Commanding - Actions
    • Commanding - Vehicles
  • Added: VR Zeus multiplayer scenarios
    • ZGM 16+2 Master Virtual Reality (AAF)
    • ZGM 16+2 Master Virtual Reality (CSAT)
    • ZGM 16+2 Master Virtual Reality (NATO)
    • ZGM 48+2 Master Virtual Reality
  • Added: Virtual Arsenal
  • Added: VR soldiers and character entities
  • Added: Objects specific for VR (large blocks, covers and markers)
  • FIA fraction has been revamped:
    • Added: New uniform for FIA AT Rifleman
    • Added: FIA Offroad, Quadbike and Truck camo versions
    • FIA soldiers have randomized headgear and facewear according to their classes and possible headgear-facewear combinations
    • Added: 3 new FIA stashes
  • Added: Repair variants of Offroads
  • Added: Various facewear available in profile (balaclavas and bandannas with various glasses)
  • Added: 3 new music tracks
    • Virtual Reality digital Arma 3 theme
    • Splendid Split theme
    • BI 15th Anniversary theme
  • Added: Various VR-related sounds for triggers
  • Added: New English protocol of Dan Brown
  • Added: Camo variants of M320 and GM-6
  • Added: Misc. objects
    • Winner's podium
    • Trophy
    • White tent
    • Tyre barriers
    • Kart tires
    • Kart steering wheels
    • Car batteries
    • Kart trolley
    • Kart stand
    • Pieces of exercise equipment
    • Water coolers
    • Large food container
  • Added: 14 Bootcamp-related Steam Achievements
  • Added: Game Launcher
    • Accessible via a non-default Steam launch option, or by starting arma3launcher.exe from the installation directory
    • This adds support for add-ons in the Steam Workshop
  • Overhauled: Weapon Sway
  • Overhauled: Fatigue




  • Added: Controls action for locking turret on an object
  • Added: Turret locking ability for the UGV RCWS
  • Added: BIS_fnc_setUnitInsignia now loads description.ext CfgUnitInsignia classes
  • Added: BIS_fnc_animateTaskWaypoint
  • Added: Switching to driver / gunner after PIP click (AV Terminal)
  • Added: Sound for Scalpel missile explosion
  • Fixed: Zone restriction module not working after respawn
  • Fixed: Adding items to ammo box in Zeus didn't work correctly
  • Fixed: Showcase Vehicles: Player could not get in the ship
  • Fixed: Aim precision values for pistol crouch and launcher standing stances to match values for other weapon types
  • Fixed: Broken size of the hint area when a hint and its sub-hint were used without any other hint between them
  • Fixed: DLC Bundle duplicity in Expansions menu
  • Fixed: Scripting error while browsing respawn menu
  • Fixed: Respawn menu was sometimes too slow
  • Fixed: Live-feed and Skirmish module category
  • Fixed: Duplicated inventory item in action menu
  • Fixed: Intentionally negative rating used in DM missions is no longer displayed in the debriefing
  • Fixed: "End Scenario" module used wrong ending type
  • Fixed: Showcase Zeus was not marked as completed when player left after a task told them they could
  • Fixed: Ordnance module was using effects incompatible with the Zeus Ordnance module. Explosions will now be stronger, but existing missions won't be affected unless you edit the module in editor and save it again.
  • Fixed: RscTextCheckBox spam in RPT when opening GUI editor
  • Fixed: Empty reflector in Helicopter_Base_H
  • Fixed: Last bullet still visible in Rahim's magazine despite it being empty
  • Fixed: Error in modules while reading CfgAddons
  • Fixed: Binoculars and NVGs were not added correctly to ammo boxes
  • Fixed: "Watch Direction" sentence in Radio Protocols
  • Fixed: Missing icons in Field Manual in Russian localization
  • Fixed: Hint in AV terminal no longer overlaps the terminal menu
  • Fixed: Scripting error when attempting to open non-existing inventory
  • Fixed: Opening a loadout with specific weapon types (i.e., weapons classes with attachments already on them) caused container magazines not to be loaded correctly
  • Adjusted: Environmental map on various vehicles
  • Adjusted: Materials of the small backpack
  • Adjusted: Capacity of inventory of copters
  • Adjusted: Alignment of cursor and optics for launchers
  • Adjusted: Volume preview samples and configuration in audio settings
  • Enabled fatigue parameter
  • New damage and destruction materials for all vehicles
  • Unused GameSpy IDCs removed
  • UAV terminals now have the correct author defined
  • Adjusted flare size, intensity and coloring of flashlight accessory
  • Cleaned up and restructured HUD config for PO-30 Orca
  • CH-49 Mohawk's inventory contains proper weapons, not OPFOR ones
  • Changed volume of reloading for most weapons
  • Revamp of muzzle suppressors (see
  • Overhauled inertia values for weapons and attachments. Main source of imprecision will be sights alignment, not sway distortion that will be elevated only with higher fatigue or arms damage in effect.
  • Assault Pack (Hex) should have the right texture
  • Changed volume of closure sounds
  • Minor volume changes of reloading sounds
  • Host server: Added port warning
  • Host server: Fixed conversion of labels to upper-case
  • Optimized turning animation aimPrecision to comparable levels among weapons (x2 when standing, x3 when crouched, x4 in prone)
  • Optimized aiming precision states for adjusted stances. Since they do not have appropriate turning animation stances configured their base precision must be higher than default stance, for else they will posses unreasonable advantage over default stances.
  • Decreased duty of running with lowered rifle in crouch position
  • Adjusted moving speeds and duty values of certain stances to prevent unintuitive discrepancies
  • Optimized prone stance adjustment poses aim precision
  • New post-process filtering for Radio Protocols
  • TRG correctly hides magazine when there is none in the weapon
  • maxZeroing parameter has been properly configured for all weapons
  • Hints and user actions have been unified for Disarm / Disable / Deactivation of explosives
  • Various fixes in Field Manual and hints
  • Minor changes in suppressors weights
  • Changed launcher hit mask
  • Decreased vertical movement of secondary weapon sway class
  • Attempt to fix several rag-doll issues by decreasing the magnitude of hit forces applied and simultaneous increase of mass for bones to prevent them from flinching wildly
  • Increased negative effect of damage over secondary weapon sway class. It should be hard to aim with crippled hands.
  • A little elf hiding some caps has been found and dealt with, thus the caps shall be available again
  • Facewear (former glasses) has mass correctly set

Potential campaign spoilers:

  • New head- and face-wear added to units in Patrol missions and in the “Adapt” armory
  • Tweaks in randomization, placement and compositions of enemy patrols in the “Adapt” Patrols



  • Fixed: Calling underwater damage on non-local submarine
  • Fixed: IRLaserOn action
  • Fixed: Game could crash after changing soldier's face type
  • Fixed: Car tracks are no longer drawn in the future
  • Fixed: Maximum inventory load threshold could be trespassed
  • Fixed: Traveling back to the past
  • Fixed: CTD occurred when ejecting a dead unit from a car (Zeus)
  • Fixed: Setting connection string when creating MP session from the game
  • Fixed: Prevent created agent from opening his gear
  • Fixed: Trigger pulling for normal man simulation tree
  • Fixed: Not showing cutscenes in the main menu
  • Fixed: Suppressors override weapon specific parameters, making initSpeedhit and cost parameters work everywhere as expected
  • Fixed: Ragdoll false recovery
  • Fixed: Possible CTD
  • Fixed: Possible CTD in the Zeus map
  • Fixed: Adding corpses from disconnected players to disposeManager (
  • Fixed: Crash when segments don’t have a shape
  • Fixed: Issue with disabling moving of units outside Zeus editable area affected by the camera angle
  • Fixed: Setting of hair AtoC shader constants 
  • Fixed: Action menu - heal is offered, while the new action is opening doors
  • Fixed: Exploit that allowed Zeus to move soldier groups using rotation even outside of the editable zone 
  • Fixed: CTD when MP role had not soldier created
  • Fixed: Possible CTDs in Buldozer
  • Fixed: AT launcher - optics were misaligned with cursor
  • Fixed: Possible CTD
  • Fixed: Environment - Player is able to put items into gas pumps
  • Fixed: Recoil coef does not influence weapon behavior 
  • Fixed: Missing recoil after turning (and some other animations)
  • Fixed: Undeletable profile in configuration
  • Fixed: Broken GunCloudGunFire loading
  • Fixed: Copyright string in file properties
  • Fixed: Thermal Imaging from Laser Designator transferred to every scope
  • Fixed: Player observers now always send their target to the gunner
  • Fixed: An exploit in Zeus which allowed forcing players out of vehicle
  • Fixed: Possible CTD while finding a path in a house without a model
  • Fixed: healSoldier CTD
  • Fixed: Recoil direction when using iron sights
  • Fixed: Artillery target deleted to soon
  • Fixed: Player is unable to change weapons in fixed-wings
  • Re-fixed: Remote control using map
  • Fixed: Sound: Reloading can be heard far away
  • Fixed: Video playing when a video finished before its audio
  • Fixed: Possible CTD in Zeus map
  • Fixed: Weapon selection for pilot (seen mainly in Wy-55)
  • Added: Checks if objects are static in map (script commands)
  • Added: New script commands related to UAVs - connectability (isUAVConnectableenableUAVConnectabilitydisableUAVConnectability)
  • Added: New scripting commands for working with mines (allMinesdetectedMinesmineDetectedBy)
  • Added: Adding joined sessions to the Steam history
  • Added: New scripting command for getting a list of all diag modes (diag_list)
  • Added: New scripting command for reading configs into arrays with a filter (configClasses)
  • Added: isAutotest script command
  • Added: Support for spaces in mods in -mod= parameter as long as all the mods are quoted (e.g. -mod="Mod1; Some Other Mod;WeaponA")
  • Added: New weapon parameter maxZeroing (fixes a scopes zeroing glitch)
  • Added: New mapName parameter for SteamTags
  • Added: Stealing of UAVs (not yet configured in data)
  • Added: Ability to force difficulty for selected scenarios
  • Footsteps alpha and the ability for config to enable footsteps / tracks / blood in world definitions
  • Magazines slots should be highlighted the same way as other item types
  • enableFatigue true; doesn't reset fatigue anymore
  • Complete removal of the disabled GameSpy technology
  • Changed warning message when profile variable space is locked to be more helpful
  • Hiding lights for hidden vehicles
  • New command playerControlled (like the player command, but it will return the remote-controlled unit)
  • Overhauled weapon sway available (no inertia yet)
  • Hiding markers for invisible objects and simulation is enabled
  • Radio Protocol: Added parameter absolute angle into RadioMessageWatchDir
  • VON: Direct communication: Changed targets selection
  • +password and +connect now supported in connection string (so it's possible to join a server from Steam's browser)
  • Radio protocol: Changed parameters going to RadioMessageWatchDir
  • Radio protocol: SentCmdDeactivateMine
  • Tweaked: Spatialization of loud sounds
  • Removing UavPilot when a transport is destroyed
  • Unarmed UGV - broken follow command in terminal
  • Sound: Update to audio option previews, added stereo sample support
  • Tooltip for disabled difficulty options if difficulty is forced
  • Support for joining passworded sessions via friends / invites / Steam browser
  • Possible fix of crash during video playback
  • UAVs
    • Locked camera (added a new key binding to do that)
    • Locked camera - camera rotation precision improved
    • Locked camera - camera rotation set to zero when switching to manual view

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