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Arma 3 Patch 1.02


  • Potential Altis performance optimization (especially when using a lot of AI units): removed class properties from models in Structures_F that don't need it
  • Many small Altis object positioning tweaks and other terrain fixes
  • Fixed: Flipped moon texture
  • The moon halo object can now be different from the sun halo object (new world config parameter moonHaloObject)
  • The light reflected by the moon has been made more realistic
  • Added: New runway parts for left and right airstrip on Altis
  • Runway lights have new models and configuration
  • Fixed: Darker runway at a distance and with overcast weather
  • Fixed: Ladder on hospital building has been reversed (
  • Fixed: Blinking resolution LODs on signs
  • Configured power line wires to be destroyed along with power line towers
  • Animals should be avoiding roads more now
  • Fashionable LCD panels for MBT gunners instead of old-style optics, and new reticles displayed on them
  • Player tank driver can turn out, while commander is turned in
  • Civilian (and FIA) trucks have been revamped
  • Added: Ability to mount Marshall driver position from right side
  • Fixed: Slammer recoil
  • Added: T-100 recoil animation for main gun
  • T-100 commander optics features in line with OPFOR tracked vehicles
  • T-100 back armor made thinner
  • Improved handling of terminal ballistics on armored vehicles
  • More realistic water fording ability for tracked armor
  • Added compass and additional radars for copilot seats
  • Removed magic disappearance of rotor blades for some helicopters
  • AH-99 badly placed exhausts fixed (
  • Adjusted position of Blackfoot pilot crosshair in HMD
  • Added stabilization for UAV optics
  • Fixed: Incorrect duplicate of get-in points for Speedboats
  • Fixed: Zooms of armed offroad gunner set to standard naked eye level ( and
  • Added: Mortar/HMG/GMG/Bipod/Tripod bags for every faction
    • Added missing backpacks for Mk6 weapon
  • Capacity tweaking for mortars, GMGs and HMGs (inventory)
  • Fixed: Animations of static weapons
  • Tweaked: Bag weight for static weapons. It was too high for our maximum soldier load.
  • Fixed bombs of CAS UAVs
  • Re-balanced mine damage and overall mine usability
  • Tweaked: Pistol weights to match maximum soldier load count
  • Fixed: Negative friction of 120mm shells
  • Reticle materials for 3D scopes now glow in the dark
  • Fixed: Problem with 3D scope alpha sorting
  • Added: BIS_fnc_unitPlay function severely optimized. Unit playback is now smooth even when applied on multiple vehicles at the same time. Backwards compatible - will improve already released missions without need to change anything.
  • Tweaked: Action menu priorities
    • Increased action priority for weapon assembly
  • Fixed: Radio protocol is no longer played during story conversations triggered by BIS_fnc_kbTell
  • Fixed: Some groups spawned by Sites module had their skill set too high
  • Fixed: CAS bombing issues in Supports Module
  • Fixed: Rare occurrence of undefined variable for civilian randomization scripts
  • Fixed: Game sometimes got stuck in loading screen after respawn (
  • Added: Warning about using BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition - calling the function on client at the mission start will result in data not being broadcasted correctly
  • Fixed: Modules were not executed in the right order on server
  • Fixed: Sending multiple recipients to BIS_fnc_MP caused the function to be ignored in singleplayer
  • Added: Recipient sent to BIS_fnc_MP can now be string - variable name of an object. The function will be executed where the object is local.
  • Fixed: Incorrect returned value when task checked by BIS_fnc_taskCompleted didn't exist
  • Fixed: "Vehicle Respawn" module didn't recognize airplanes, rendering them non-respawnable (
  • Fixed: HQ entities created by Headquarters module (used for example in Defend and Seize missions) were all using European voice. Correct voices (English for NATO and Persian for CSAT) are assigned now.
  • Fixed: "Set Task Destination" module is now optional, destination can now be configured in "Create Task" module. The same is true for task state (
  • Fixed: Functions with tag without specific name (i.e., no 'tag' attribute) were incorrectly categorized in the functions viewer
  • Fixed: BIS_fnc_sandStorm was using incorrect particle texture (
  • Added: Delay before respawn menu is applied only when player is simulated
  • Fixed: "EndMission" respawn template failed a mission even when some players were still alive after respawn tickets were exceeded
  • Fixed: Module effects were applied to vehicle commanders, not to vehicles themselves
  • Fixed: Debug console was not available for logged admins (
  • Fixed: Respawn display sometimes didn't close once player respawned
  • Fixed: Advanced hints save / load issue
  • Added: BIS_fnc_countdown - allows setting and managing countdown
  • Function BIS_fnc_findInPairs renamed to BIS_fnc_getFromPairs and now supports all variable types
  • New function BIS_fnc_findInPairs returns index of an item from the associative array found under the key
  • Fixed: Notifications are no longer displayed after player dies in singleplayer missions
  • Fixed: Zone Restriction module would sometimes fire a warning event when a unit left a vehicle
  • Fixed: Info about ability to sync "Respawn Position" module to a vehicle was missing
  • BLUFOR soldiers are now able to switch textures via setObjectTexture
  • CSAT soldiers have been trained to distinguish fixed-wing UAV of their side better when standing next to it
  • Less pronounced character lip sync animations
  • Fixed: Several inventory capacity issues
  • Fixed: OPFOR pilots ammo load
  • Fixed: Guerrilla Rifleman AT backpack load out
  • Fixed: Guerrilla Engineer bag type
  • Fixed: Khaki vest camo for OPFOR snipers and Olive vests for AAF
  • Minor fix in BLUFOR repair specialist chest rig
  • Added: New icon for BLUFOR chest rig
  • Added: New icons for Guerrilla uniform types
  • Added side-specific textures and pictures for mortar bags
  • Introduced mass difference between normal and light helmets
  • Various characters models and textures tweaks, most notably the US flag being removed from AS and SMDI maps
  • Civilians are more prone to be fatally wounded by anything (damage tolerance and armor)
    • Tweaked hitpoints of civilians. Now they will be fatally injured by one hit (5.56 mm and better caliber) to torso.
  • Configured destruction of wreck_heli_attack_01 (Blackfoot wreck)
  • Added Korean and Japanese characters from other fonts to EtelkaMonospacePro (fixes missing texts in e.g. establishing shots in those languages)
  • Font: EtelkaMonospaceProBold added for backwards compatibility (inherits everything from EtelkaMonospacePro)
  • Rolling credits now end after finishing and a short timeout
  • Fixed: Class name in title bar can't be edited any more in Insert Unit and Insert module in mission editor
  • Fixed: Positions of location labels (e.g., town names) in Splendid Camera were offset
  • Fixed: Respawn position selection list was blinking
  • Fixed: Tile effects were interactive, stealing mouse focus
  • Fixed: Error message for "Viper Green in trouble" conversation in Showcase Vehicles
  • Removed: Showcase Night radio at the enemy camp
  • Tweaked: Showcase Night player is now sitting on the front of the boat during insertion
  • Tweaked: Showcase Night boat driver now has a beanie hat
  • Tweaked: Showcase Night when player is detected near a site, enemies should now better hunt him
  • Tweaked: Showcase Night enemy patrols on sites are now on in safe behavior
  • Tweaked: Showcase Night enemies now play ambient animations
  • Tweaked: Showcase Night when player is detected on an enemy site, the nearest, not yet cleared, enemy site will become combat aware
  • Fixed: Showcase Night random patrols had skill of 1, now it's 0.4
  • Fixed: Showcase Night soldier leaning on the lighthouse was going through it
  • Fixed: Showcase Night enemies don't have NVGoggles any more (they wrongly had them because of class name changes)
  • New: Showcase Night enemy vehicle will now come and investigate the south after half the chaos threshold has been reached
  • Fixed: In Combined Arms single player you could kill insertion choppers crew without triggering friendly fire
  • Fixed: Defend Syrta character classes had wrong backpack
  • Fixed: Defend Syrta CSAT AA class had wrong backpack
  • Fixed: Seize and Defend missions were sometimes not executed properly on Dedicated Server
  • Tweaked: Civilian vehicles are now unlocked in MP scenarios
  • Tweaked: Lowered cost of enemy vehicles by 0.5 in MP scenarios
  • Tweaked: Tanks should now only spawn on last zone (MP)
  • New: Added Spotter and Sniper load outs on the last objective (MP)
  • Changed: Defend Syrta now has disabled AI by default
  • Firing Drills: CoF Green - removed manual hiding of barriers now they were removed from Stratis globally
  • Firing Drills: CoF Red 3 - disabled detecting statue as no-shoot until new solution is found (old one removed due to map optimizations)
  • Music has been reorganized to new class names, old ones are kept for compatibility
  • Main menu music track fix (different version of same track)
  • British Radio Protocol voices added (1 x Jay Crowe + 3 x Jayholder as data placeholder for future recordings)
  • Removed occasional animation glitch after Team Switch
  • Digital Deluxe Edition: Tactical Guide updated with various tweaks
  • Digital Deluxe Edition: Map updated with higher resolution


  • Many AI tweaks and fixes
  • Enabled blood when Korean language is selected
  • Improved: Tank collisions / flipping
  • epeImpulseDamageCoef parameter can now be changed for any vehicle
  • AI drivers are now better able to navigate out of obstacle and unstuck themselves
  • New possibility to turn off adaptive crosshair in options
  • Fixed: Favorite sessions in LAN view
  • Increased the limit of shown servers in the server browser from 500 to 10000
  • Fixed: Broken location detection of MP clients - people should be finally able to see servers close to them
  • Fixed: Country detection in MP
  • Crouch (toggle) now works correctly for launchers
  • Fixed: Aiming while holding 'sprint' key and not moving
  • Removed zoom warp (by using sprint while in optics)
  • Fixed: More strange zoom while sprinting with fatigue removed
  • NRemoved strange zoom when aiming while trying to sprint with high fatigue
  • Improved: Helicopter dropping like a stone when AA hits them
  • Fixed: Crash when player engages in conversation and has no topic
  • Added: Random angular velocity for dropped weapons in ragdoll
  • Fixed: DnD with container on soldier's container tab caused wrong behavior
  • Fixed: DnD with container on soldier's linked backpack caused wrong behavior
  • Fixed: Replacing linked weapon from weapon stored in backpack caused wrong behavior
  • Fixed: Bag disappearance and duplication
  • Fixed: Gear shows no magazines except handguns
  • removeWeapon can also unlink assigned items now
  • Fixed: Command removeBackpack
  • Fixed: removeAllContainers leaves unit with uniform model even though their uniform is removed (
  • Fixed: Action Drop Backpack was not working
  • The Men category is now properly sorted in the unit dialog in editor
  • Fixed: saveStatus and loadStatus commands did not work
  • Fixed: CheckCursorActionTarget performance
  • Skybox lighting is now done per-pixel
  • New scripting commands for getting and setting identity parameters
  • New scripting command for getting fog parameters (fogParams)
  • Added parameter turretCanSee config parameter to distinguish usability of compass for copilots

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